Quality is the life of an enterprise. Two basic principle supporting the development of Rhine lift are designing excellent product and providing high-quality service.Rhine LMG group strictly observe the global regulations and standards about lift quality and safety operation. Furthermore we pay attention to the after-sales service that is closely related to enterprise reputation.

  The installation of and adjustment to Rhine

lifts shall only be carried through by expertise lift companies certified by Rhine LMG. Lift installation shall be done exclusively with Rhine LMG installation know-how and reach the Rhine LMG standard. After the installation, German trained qualified engineers come to the site to make the regulation. Put into operation, the system maintenance from Rhine LMG can ensure the safety and reliability of the vertical transportation, as well as the highest running efficiency. In addition,Rhine LMG supply high-quality installation and maintenance service as well as lift management training - in short,Rhine LMG can supply a tailor-made complete and perfect maintenance proposal for the customer.
  1. Warranty period is 12 months, free maintenance service for the lift is available within this period.
  2. The demand for the spare parts and swing units for maintenance and repair can be met by establishing a warehouse network all over many conturies in the world.
  3. Checking maintenance shall be done
twice per month free of charge within the warranty period. Necessary repairs and replace of non-manmade damaged parts for free within the warranty period.
  4. Service network covers all cities where Rhine LMG installed their Rhine lifts, 24 hours urgent call service is provided.
  5. Overhaul service before annual inspection is provided as well as and the final check report.
  6. Easy-broken parts are provided anytime with discount, product renewal and renovation service are provided with discount as well.
  7. Upon receiving the repair call. arrival at the site to carry out the necessary repairs is shortest possible time is guaranteed
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