High-quality installation is a guarantee for the safe, smooth and efficient running of the lift, and thus an integral and important part of the general quality of the lift. In order to ensure the quality of the installation,Rhine LMG do not only request the installation team to strictly observe the Rhine lift installation know-how, but also enforce strict regulations to ensure class A installation quality as pointed out in the following:

According to the stipulations of the

contract,we will re-check the construction of the customer and set up management team to make the installation proposal, working process and accept to be supervised by the customer.
We organize working teams to make the onsite installation according to the demand of the customer, so that the equipment shall be installed timely with and with good quality. Installation teams shall do their job in line with the installation know-how. Rhine LMG appoint quality supervisors from the engineering department to make the sample checking and oversee the installation processes.
In addition to the adjustment work with regard to the stability and reliability of the equipment before the delivery, the installation team will carry out a general self-checking procedure. Furthermore a sample checking shall be done by the supervising inspection engineer.
After passing the internal self-checking procedure, Rhine LMG apply to local lift administrative office for further inspection. Related documents and tools according to the contract shall be handed over to the customer. Afterwards the free maintenance service period starts
The construction shall observe German Quality Certificate System DIN EN ISO9001(German TV) in accordance with the RhineLMG onsite safety standards, and therewith ensure a safe installation.

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