LME 3100 passenger lift is developed by Rhine LMG Group. It is designed according to the characteristic standards of the lift market. Based on the mature technology and the longtime experience of Rhine LMG Group, the technology of LME 3100 is easy to operate and at the same time conveys a feeling of smoothness and comfort while driving.

  Wide Range of maximum load and maximum speed
  As the market demands with respect to load and speed vary according to individual conditions, the maximum load of LME


3100 can be between 630゛1350kg, while the lifting speed can be 1.0゛2.5m/s. On special requests we can, of course, also supply lifts performing beyond this range.

  Nice Decoration of the Lift Cabinet and Door
  The decoration and operative installations within the cabinet and the design of the lift door display good taste, it can be used for buildings with different styles. It looks harmonious and the decoration and color can be adjusted according to the request of each customer.

  Advanced Controlling System
  The whole system adopts 32 digits an automatic internet controlling technology, with high-performance CPU, big storage space, line-typed input and output interface with multifunction, strong anti-interference capability. The communication is carried out via CAN-BUS, Customers can also add up some special functions according to their own requirement. VVVF technology is used for the whole product series from low speed to high speed, the stability and a low-noise level of the lift in operation. A specially designed group-controlling system is used in LME 3100: s a group-controlled computer is responsible for the registration and


distribution of calls from different floors: thus the waiting time of each floor can be minimized. At the same time the system can upgrade the transportation capability and the running efficiency.

  Complete Function of the Lift
  When kept in good condition and quality, customers can easily choose the lift function according to their own requirements.
On one side, LME 3100 can upgrade the comfortable feeling of the passenger, on the other side it can simplify the management of the building.

  Safe and Stable Door System
  Advanced micro-treatment and VVVF technology is used for the controlling of the door. the door system has self-teaching function, with sensible and high stability of opening and closing.

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