Sightseeing lifts convey individuality and energy to the whole building. No matter whether it is located inside or outside, it can always be the focus of the audience. While taking the sightseeing lift, passenger can look through the inside design style of the building, and enjoy nice views of the outside surroundings. Colorful shape and the frank running process form flowing scenery of the high building. Rated load of the lift can be within 630゛1600kg, rated speed range is 1.0゛2.5 m/s, it can meet the requirement from shopping malls, hotels, office buildings.

  Elegant Design as a Piece of Art
  There are many styles of the sightseeing lifts from Rhein, among of which the sutra round or hexagon transparent cabinets with shooting lighting. During the designing period, the designer fully considers the requirement of the style of the building and the beautiful architecture of the environment, and also tries to harmonize the tasteful appearance of the lift with the surroundings.Of course special requirements from the customer will also be included.

  Practicality and Comforts
  VVVF technology is widely used in sightseeing lifts of Rhine. Lifting digitalization is realized, speed controlling is precisely installed, while the low-noise module makes the lift running steadily and quietly. Via computer system, the automatic door system is sensible and reliable. While taking the sightseeing lift, passenger not only can enjoy the outside view, but also can taste the comfort of the lift with its modern high technology.

Group Controlling System with High Efficiency

  Blur logic and expert system group controlling technology are adopted in the construction of sightseeing lifts of Rhine. They expressly upgrade the group controlling system, reduce the waiting period, and minimize uncomfortable feelings while taking the lift.  
Sightseeing Lifts