Driving system of Rhine lift is installed with professional bevel gear planetary transmission, main characteristics are low oil temperature, low noise, and high efficiency. Mechanic driving efficiency reached 98%, more than 33% higher than that of the conventional turbo transmission.
  Bevel-geared planetary transmission has perfect design, and the manufacturing process is finely made with high-tech. Its characteristics are high machinery precision, well-polished surface, good wear-and-tear performance, long life, etc. Under the normal working and maintenance condition The finished gearbox can run with low noise for 10 to 20 years without any overhaul. If the compound gear oil is used, the oil changing time can be 10 years (as long as the oil quality is not changing, it is not necessary for changing the oil).
  On the inspection result from the Lift Inspection Center under the German Ministry of Construction it is clearly stated, that with an operating temperature of 14.10oC, Rhine bevel-geared planetary transmission can continuously work for 120 hours without  

increasing the oil temperature. According to the statistics from German Lift Magazine, planetary-geared lift is the most money-saving new technology, for reference please check the following table

        Power needed
    Planetary geared transmission        5.5kw
    Variable voltage worm gear traction machine        7.5kw
    Dual-speed Worm Transmission        7.5kw
    Hydraulic Lift Transmission        20kw

  Since the planetary-geared transmission is running with a high mechanic efficiency, a smaller generator can be used, so that 30%-40% of energy can be saved.



Planetary Traction