The basic quality principle of Rhine LMG is to pay attention to the quality each small and minor part of the lift. One lift is composed of thousands of parts, that are all exposed to the influences of tear-and-wear with the running of the lift. And the tear-and-wear status of each individual part is closely related
with the maintenance quality of the whole lift. High quality maintenance can effectively reduce the wear and tear of each individual part, so that the lift will remain in a safe and comfortable running status. Based on the strict standard for product quality, the maintenance work of Rhine LMG has the following characteristics:

  Preventive Maintenance
  Rhine LMG applies advanced German lift maintenance technology. Preventive maintenance measurement is high priority, In addition to the regular maintenance work, in preventive maintenance all parts within the system (exclusive of lubricating and regulating main parts) shall be inspected and checked from time to time. If any individual part is found to not reach the standards, it shall be repaired or replaced before a it¨s complete damage could influence the operation of the whole liftThus preventive maintenance focuses on reliable and efficient maintenance before a damage occurs and repair is necessary.

  Careful Maintenance
  We designed special maintenance procedures in accordance with different types of lifts. Fully trained experts will carry out the maintenance work. This tailor-made service system is not only suitable for the maintenance of Rhine lift, but also can be applied for the maintenance of lifts of other brands.
  Strict Supervisory Management
  Besides the frequent and regular maintenance, our onsite supervisors from the engineering department also carry out the regular strict quality inspection procedures and manage the complete quality inspection of the lift every year. The quality supervision will also provide and analyze specific data with regard to the lift performance (i.e. running frequency, frequency of the malfunction, and malfunction rate). Finally this will lead to a proposal for the future mode of usage, maintenance and repair. This quality supervision management can ensure a safe and smooth running status of the lift and make the customer¨s investment last for a longer time period.
Repair of the Lift