Series lift of Rhine for hospital harmonized its decoration and operational function, various proposals to the cabinet decoration are available; they try to let the outer appearance of the lift to melt into the environment of the hospital. Further characteristics of the lift are among others: its safety and reliability, its smooth running with low noise, its wide cabinet with soft lighting, and its sensible door operation system. In addition, the lift is designed elegantly and with a soft touch in order

to let the hospital staff take care of the patients efficiently

  VVVF Controlling System
  VVVF technology is used according to the standards of lifts in hospitals. Based on the speed changing curve, the motor can be precisely regulated. For hospital lifts this is important, as the change in the running status, as starting, running and stopping, can be regulated without being felt.

    Group Control System
  Group control system can make evaluation to the recent passenger crowded degree, and prior to distribute the cabinet to floor station with most people density. This type of expert computer system is designed for lift group with max. 8 Units. Various information data of the transportation within the building will be automatically stored inthe system,throughlogic judge and determination,
analysis to the transportation status and passenger status, carry out the best service proposal. It can reduce the waiting time of the passenger, and make full use of all the lifts within the building.

  Data Net

  Data net system of Rhine lift is precise and fluent. Via computers It can flexibly control the whole system spreading out at each position within the lift structure. Each computer is specially designed for different purposes. In order to make the communication more efficient and reliable, diagnosis process and back up system are installed, which upgrades upgrade the safety factor as well. Data net simplify the modification process on aspect of function and operation, and therewith increase the operational flexibility, so that the system can meet the requirement of the customer.

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