Computer control system of Rhine cargo list is designed with advanced technology. The cabinet is compact, intense, and easy for repairing, conveying a stable and comfortable feeling while it is in operation. The door has the same width as the cabinet, so the cargo can be loaded and unloaded very conveniently. The door system has
fire-fighting structure. The rated load for standard cargo lift is between 1000゛5000 kg, speed is between 0.25゛1.0 m/s, It can be used for different purposes in different places like factories, warehouses, department stores, wholesale centers, book stores etc..  

  A driving system can be installed according to the requirement of the customer, it either can be imported worm transmission, also can be planetary transmission. Thus the cargo Lifts can be operated without any noise, safe, and reliable, and can meet different transportation requirement for various kinds of cargo.
  Among controlling cabinet, and each floor, cabinet, the signal gathering and clustering output is done via matrix scanning. PLC control is used. Under computer control, floor choosing can be realized simultaneously by photoelectricity switch, the door lock, the touch pad, the relay,etc. are installed with specialprotection applications. Modulestructure and display function of each working status bring highest convenience to the maintenance.
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