Rhine LMG group can provide tailor-made lifts according to the varying demands of the customer. We can adjust our lifts¨ outlook as well as function to the respective characteristics of design and construction of the building. It can not only supply imported lift to luxury residential area, but can also meet the requirement from the common residents.

  Automatic Design
  The design of the lift can be realized

via a computer design system, engineers can quickly respond to customers about the designproposal and quotation upon receiving some technical data. The designer can make several proposals (one lift one apartment, one lift two apartments, and one lift multiple apartments) according to the characteristics of the residential building and in line with the principle of customer convenience. They will offer most efficient price - performance ratio.

  Human-centered Function Design
  According to different requirement of the customer, Rhine lift can add up various operational functions to meet specific demands. For example, persons without right of passing cannot use the lift; certain floors can only be reached by the person who has an IC card; old persons and disabled persons can operate the lift for up and down and outside calls even out of he wheel chair. On the one hand this can protect the right of the residents; on the other hand it can reduce management costs as well. The automatic management system of Rhine LMG lift fully express out the functional and safe characteristics of the IC card. Digital controlling management is realized, so that the value of the purchased apartment can be added continuously.

  Diversified Appearance
  We respect the choice of the customer and try our best to meet any personal requirement. We think that the unique outward appearance of the lift shall be of equal importance to its advanced lifting and controlling technology. Soft lighting and
a good ventilation of Rhine LMG lift lets passengers enjoy a
good mood and makes them feel comfortably at home. Choose Rhine, enjoy life.

  Technical Specifications
  Max. rated load: 1350kg
  Max. rated speed: 2.5m/s
  Max. flat floor tolerance: \3mm


  Max. lifting height: 130m
  Max. cabinets within the group: 8 units
  Max. floor station: 36
  Average repair call frequency: +1/year

Lifts for Residential Buildings